Green Smoothie of the Day

In the quest for ultimate fitness and health, I’ve decided to drink at least one quart of green smoothie every day. I was inspired by a TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, the link to which a friend sent me and which I pass along to you, dear readers. It’s 17 minutes very well spent.

Not that I’m an unhealthy eater in general—I love veggies and I don’t eat too much meat. I don’t drink sodas or eat sweets or junk food. But 9 cups a day of fruits and veggies? I was also pushed in this direction by a friend at work who in the past year has changed to a Paleo diet—no gluten, no processed foods, but a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grass-fed meat.

Ok, I admit, I teased her constantly about this. What is gluten? What do you even eat?  Why can’t you have bread? etc. I still don’t know very much about the Paleo diet but it started to make more sense to me after a recent visit to the rheumatologist for the awful pain I’ve had in my wrists the past couple years. No word on why this is happening; only that they are “inflamed” and now I’m on steroids to treat this. And it turns out that wheat causes inflammation. I started to wonder…

I’ve also been experiencing headaches and stomachaches, and although this isn’t the biggest deal, it does grind on me after awhile.

So here I am, two weeks into my experimental gluten-free diet, three weeks into Crossfit and one week into green smoothies! So far, I feel really great, albeit exhausted from the most intense exercise I’ve ever experienced! After my daily quart of green goodness I feel sort of shimmery, light in mind and body. Try it!


Today’s Smoothie:

Frozen peaches and strawberries

Chia seeds







Aloe juice

Orange juice

Fresh turmeric


Home-grown sprouts

Fresh fruit is always best, but adding a bit of frozen fruit gives your smoothie a nice chill. Throw everything into a food processor or blender until smooth.

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